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Staining in Riverview, FL

Quality materials with the proper application makes all the difference when it comes so staining your fence or deck. Using the proper stain to enhance and protect your investment is crucial in the overall look and value of your home and yard. The color and finish will affect how people see both your home and you. It is very important to us, as it is with you, that the stain both looks good and the wood is protected from the weather

Painting vs. staining

Rarely, will we use paint on a fence unless it has previously been painted. Stain works through absorption, so it becomes part of the wood. On the other hand, paint sits on top of the wood. Ok yea, it will soak into the wood a little bit. But not as well as stain does. Therefore, it will tend to flake, peel and break down much faster. If a “painted look” is your desired finish, it is far quicker, better and easier to use a solid stain than to go through the process of painting and re-painting your fence every year.
KB Tech can take care of all of this, from pressure washing it clean, to putting the final touches of finish.

Preserving a natural look

If you recently had a new fence built, or a fence that has never been treated, then I would highly recomend staining it. Stains come in a variety of finishes, including transparent, semi-transparent and solid. The rule of thumb is the greater the opacity, the longer the finish will last, but you also sacrifice the natural look of the wood. Personally, I like to use a toner, which is actually a clear coat with a tone of color. This provides a natural enhancement to the grain of the wood and an overall finish coat that will protect your fence from weather for about five years. Most stains will require two coats.

With so many factors to consider, you definitely want a professional contractor on the job. If you’re looking for high quality staining and painting services in Riverview, FL, contact KB Tech today for a quote.

More of our services:

  • Framing, stairs and wood fencing
  • Crown moulding and Base board
  • New drywall, tape and texture
  • Painting, staining and sealing
  • Plumbing and roof leaks
  • Floor squeaks, water leaks and drywall repair
  • Handyman repairs and general maintenance

If you are interested in learning more about our handyman services, call KB Tech in Riverview, FL for more information or to request a quote. Call us if you are interested in our custom carpentry. Let us build you a new fence or stain your outdoor deck. We also offer interior and exterior painting services as well as drywall installations and repairs.

Handyman Services | Painting | Staining | Drywall | Pressure Washing | Fencing


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